Body of Women

This work began when my dear friend Jo approached me to take naked photographs of her as a way to reconnect with her body after surviving truama. From there I began exploring this topic with other women and non-binary folks, working in collaboration to make images which gave them back power over the narrative of their bodies.

 In The Beauty Myth Naomi Wolf writes: ‘Female sexuality is turned inside out from birth, so ‘beauty’ can take its place, keeping women’s eyes lowered to their bodies, glancing up only to check their reflection in the eyes of men.’ if we are focusing down on our bodies, we are denying ourselves our full capabilities as strong and powerful humans.

'Body of Women' is a celebration of all that we are, the journeys we have been on with our bodies and a reclamation of their form and the space they inhabit.

The work is currently on pause, exists online here and was exhibited as part of a participatory project hosted by Jo and myself at Women of the World festival (WOW) at The Southbank Centre, in London in 2018.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project this work is password protected. 

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